Nestled between the East and the West of Europe lies a country – a place of stunning natural beauty and ancient tales about its land and its people: Bulgaria. There, tucked in-between two mountain ranges, stretches a small valley – they call it “the valley of roses.” For centuries on, each year in June their fragrance travels with the wind, stirring the senses in towns and forests nearby. A variety of aromatic products are born from these roses each year – Bulgarian rose-oil based soaps, creams, sprays, jams, and more. They travel to faraway lands with tourists, wishing to pack and bring home a fragrant memory of Bulgaria with them; Bulgarians bring it across the land and the sea – to proudly give a beautiful gift from home and tell the story about the roses and their valley.

The fragrant packets of Deo Perfume Candy bring you the sweet taste of the roses as a delicious treat of your senses. They take the pleasure of enjoying a delicious candy to a whole new level. Science and nature have come together to make a functional food that leaves your skin with a beautiful rose fragrance. The innovative technology behind Deo Perfume Candy is based on research by Japanese scientists. Their studies showed that when ingested, rose oil exudes aromatic compounds, such as geraniol, through the skin. When evaporating through the skin, geraniol aromatizes it with a beautiful rose fragrance.

One serving size (two to four pieces) of Deo Perfume Candy contains about 12 mg of geraniol. The strength and duration of the rose fragrance depends upon body weight and is enhanced by Isomalt (the sweetener of the sugar-free version of Deo Perfume Candy).

To enjoy the benefit of the rose fragrance, we recommend one serving size to a person weighing 145 pounds. In this case, the fragrant effect will be experienced for 6 hours, as geraniol slowly evaporates through the skin.

Deo Perfume Candy is imported into the United States exclusively by Ecodeum, LLC.

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