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Retail Purchase

Deo Perfume Candy in our new box packaging is now available to retail customers throughout North and South America! Buy today via eBay! [We are seller 'ecodeumllc']

If you’re looking to try out smaller quantities of Deo, and you are a US customer, you can find Deo Perfume Candy and Deo Perfume Candy (Sugar-free) on Amazon.com

We import directly from the manufacturer, Alpi Commerce, and are the only authorized importer of Deo Perfume Candy in the United States. Our products have English descriptions, nutrition facts and ingredients printed directly on the packaging.

Wholesale Purchase Today!

We have partnered with Buyer’s Best Friend to allow wholesale orders and inquiries to be placed easily online. Place your wholesale order or inquiry today! If you are interested in making a wholesale purchase outside of BBF, contact us at sales@perfumecandy.com.

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