When to Call for Garage Door Repair

Garage door repair may be a simple or complex project depending on the structure and problems of the garage door.

When garage door refuses to operate, you hear squeak noises, or garage door got jammed at its halfway, you may not be confident if it is a simple problem that you can fix on your own. Regular garage door maintenance will help you to keep your garage door running smoothly, and avoid the need to hire a professional garage door company on a continuous basis to fix a broken garage door. However, there are some problems which you should not handle by yourself such as:

Garage door panels: If garage door panels need to be replaced, keep in mind, it is not an operational problem, it is a structural issue. While replacing the panels, you need to make sure that you bought the right panels similar to the type, brand, color, and material of old panels. Experience technicians not only can order a right panel but can also install them correctly. They will also suggest the techniques which you can apply to lessen the requirements for the panel replacement in the near future. 

Garage door springs: When garage door springs become loose or break down, your garage door will not open or close properly. You may have extension or torsion springs, each has different characteristics and replacement requirements. Since garage door springs hold a high amount of pressure, they can be dangerous to fix. You need special training and equipment to do this type of repair so that the chances of injuries and damages are reduced.

Bent tracks and damaged rollers: Garage door rollers support the door to run smoothly along with the tracks. Over time, rollers can become rusted or worn out which need a quick replacement. They are mounted inside the tracks which should also be changed if they become bent or damaged on account of any accident. Like with the springs, you will need to consult with someone who has the proper skills and tools to handle this problem.

Broken garage door cables: These cables are placed under extreme tension to control the operations of the garage door. Due to the high amount of stress, they are dangerous and challenging to fix. It is good to leave it to the professional. You should perform some sort of garage door maintenance activities to reduce the chances of major garage door problems.

Tighten the nuts and bolts: Due to the frequent use, the bolts, screws, and nuts which hold the entire mechanism can become loose. You should check the bracket to make sure that they are tightened properly to hold the rails.

Garage door lubrication: All the moving parts including screws, nuts, bolts, and chains should be lubricated occasionally with the help of any high-quality lubricating spray. It will help the garage door to perform all the procedures quietly and smoothly and increase its life as well. You may follow the owner’s manual to understand why lubrication is necessary for the specific components.

Garage door balancing: You should test the garage door periodically to see whether it is aligned properly or not.  For this purpose, you should disconnect the garage door opener, then operate them by hand to lower it to its halfway position. If the garage door is balanced properly, it will maintain its position without holding it in place. If it goes back, it means that springs on your garage door have too much tension, contact with a garage door expert immediately.

Even with regular garage door maintenance routine, some sort of fixing services may be required at some points during the life of the garage door. You just need to consult with a licensed and experienced garage door repair expert to deal with your garage door and don’t hesitate to call them to handle the dangerous and complex issues.

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