Guide in Choosing Your Perfume 

Do you know how to choose the perfume that is right for you? For a lot of people, finding the right perfume can oftentimes be difficult. As a matter of fact, a lot of us take time trying to sniff perfumes or checking out how it smells on our skin before buying anything.  

In order to make this process easier for you, we have here three important considerations that you have to think about when choosing your perfume:  


It is all about the “notes.” 

A good perfume is composed of what is called a note or several notes. There are oftentimes three types of notes – the top, middle and bottom notes. Each type of note can be different, you can have a floral scent, a fruity one or a musky scent. When put together and in different types of arrangements, this creates a special blend that can be customized according to the preferences of a person.  


Scents or fragrances are defined by their concentrations.  

There are four types of concentrations when it comes to scents. You have the perfume or parfum which is usually the most expensive and the highly concentrated lasting for a day or so. The next level is the eau de parfum which can last up to as much as six hours. After this, you have the eau de toilette and then the eau de cologne which are more affordable types of scents.  


A perfume will actually have a different scent depending on a person’s chemical makeup or hormones. 

Do not just buy a scent after smelling it. It is always best to test it on your skin because we all have different hormones. Just spray a little amount on your wrist and smell it after a bit of time. That’s when you will really know how a specific perfume smells on you.